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Martha Mode

If Jesus walked into your home tonight what would you do? I think I would frantically run around. I would throw the toys into the toy bin. Try to get the dog hair off the couches. Clean up the kitchen. Throw together a dinner. Try to remember to offer water. While my family sat in the living room with Him I would probably miss out. I am a Martha.

In Luke 10:38-42 Jesus goes to the home of Martha and her sister Mary. Mary sat at Jesus’ feet listening to all He had to say. Meanwhile, Martha was taking care of all of the hosting duties. In true woman fashion, she gets frustrated and upset and asks Jesus to tell Mary to help her! But Jesus answers that she is upset about too many things and Mary’s choice to sit with Jesus will not be taken away from her. He says she has chosen what is better.

Wait… I think my husband and I had that conversation last week… Kelsi, “Why aren’t you helping me??!!” Ethan, “Just rest and enjoy me and the kids.” My thought process is that if I don’t do it, it won’t get done. As I check things off my mental to-do list, my eyes see more things to add to it. And to be honest, I may ask for help but most of the time I want to do it myself. I like it MY WAY. Doing it myself may stress me out, but then I know I will be satisfied with it, right? Wrong. The devil has me fooled at times that I am enough. I can do everything myself. Not just housework. But lifework. Without God, I am not enough. Without resting, I am not enough. Without feeding my mind and soul with God’s Word, I am not enough. 

As I am trying to make my bed perfect, my kitchen perfect, and my living room perfect, I am pleasing no one. I’m not even pleasing myself because I am finding more things that need done. I have literally been the person (on multiple occasions) following my kids around as they play and cleaning up after them. I like to fool myself that I am “playing” with my kids. But I am not present at all if I am worrying about all of that.

Jesus loves both the Mary and Martha’s of this world. But He did say Mary made the better choice. He wants us to BE WITH Him. Listen for His voice. Let Him into our hearts and our minds. I once heard a pastor say that being filled with the Holy Spirit requires us to put our spirit above our minds. Let the Holy Spirit take control. I can’t do that in Martha Mode.

Rest. Enjoy. Be present. Be involved. Be weak for Jesus.

Lord, help me to enjoy my husband and my kids. To not see my to-do list when I’m playing with my kids. Help me to choose the moments and the experiences, instead of the preparations and responsibilities. Help me to not worry or get upset about what needs done, but to make my priorities line up with You Will.

"But few things are needed-or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her." Luke 10:42

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