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For the mom who's baby doesn't sleep through the night... 🙋🏼

This post is going to be a little different. It's about some gifts God has given me as a mother.

We have two kids. Cove will be 3 in May and Ember is just shy of 10 months. I constantly see Facebook posts or memes about tired moms. And I get it, I'm tired too. Like really tired some days. I've tried to give up caffeine, I even did a six month fast of my drink of choice Dr Pepper. But my migraines, energy, and honestly sanity need a little caffeine in my life to do my job at work and at home taking care of the kids and keeping up with the housework. I don't know if I even realize how tired I am anymore. It's just my new normal for the last almost three years.

My kids don't sleep through the night consistently. In fact, they often don't sleep through the night. Ok they definitely don't sleep through the night. My toddler did not somewhat consistently sleep all through the night until our baby was born. That's TWENTY-THREE months I was up once or multiple times nursing, bottle feeding, rocking, cuddling, singing, crying, taking care of my son. And then our daughter was born and the nightly duties started again.

So I'm now almost on month 33 of not a full nights sleep. But you know what, I wouldn't trade one single one of those nights for anything. Because I believe those nights have been gifts from God. I get to hold a healthy baby in my arms while someone is praying for a baby of their own, or praying for shelter for their family. I get to kiss my baby with peace and serenity with no interruptions or expectations. I get to experience unconditional love in human form. I get to personally experience a miracle from God every single night. A miracle I'm blessed to experience because I know there's ladies out there who would give anything to hold a baby of their own. The devil tries, and sometimes succeeds, to deceive us that it is a burden to have a waking baby. He gives us a spirit of fear or anger or stress that our babies aren't sleeping through the night. But we are not alone. Some of my most precious moments with God have been during the night, cuddling a baby, listening to God's voice, and feeling His love.

So mom (and dads), I know you're tired, exhausted, frustrated, and probably irritable. But next time you're up in the night with your babes, thank God for His gifts of love through extra cuddles, hugs and kisses. So no, nothing is wrong with our babies because they aren't sleeping through the night. God just knows we need that extra love right now. And one day we'll miss these nights.

I think God wants me to share this today.

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  • Haleigh Kells on

    I needed this today! After starting my day at 4:30am and several cry outs during the night with my 18month old, I was feeling somewhat discouraged and exhausted. You are a special momma and thanks for opening my eyes to the blessings I should be thankful for. Xoxo

  • LIla on

    You’re amazing! I enjoyed reading this blog post. Truly an amazing mommy.

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